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Doctoris HIS

Optimal management of medical, administrative and financial processes.

Hospital Information System.

Doctoris Hospital Information System

Doctoris HIS is a Hospital Information System created for the administrative, clinical and financial management of a health center. It includes the demographic and general information of the patient, the medical agenda and clinical record.

The system, based on international standards , allows integration with external platforms used by the hospital, such as the Laboratory Information System (LIS), the Radiology Information System (RIS/PACS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Ensuring that information remains available and secure.

Doctoris HIS is a completely modular system that facilitates the interrelation of all data in an efficient and simple way, to facilitate the optimal management of a health center, regardless of its size.

The management of permissions and the restrictions of sensitive information is fundamental for an optimal workflow.

Doctoris HIS allows the creation and administration of profiles and configurable accesses, adaptable according to the user: doctor, nurse, administrator or others.

The functionalities and modules of the system will be available depending on the user's profile.

This configuration generates an adapted and personalized tool; intuitive for each specialist, and that guarantees the correct flow of information between the different departments, defining access permissions at all times.


Created to optimize hospital management.

Modules Doctoris HIS

Admisión Doctoris HIS


Centralized management of patient data. Administration of the center's resources and services.

Consultas Doctoris HIS


Comprehensive management of doctors and specialists' consultations, in a personalized menu based on profiles.

Consultas radiológicas Doctoris HIS

Radiological consultations

Management of radiology services: rooms occupations and administration of machines... defined by hour, doctor and activity.

Contabilidad Doctoris HIS


Registration of banks and entities. Control of transfers received together with their assignment in the different centers.

Dirección Doctoris HIS


Source of most important information of the system for the management of the center. Options like: inventory management, statistics and reports are displayed.

Documentación y archivo Doctoris HIS

Documentation and files

Compilation and grouping of episodes extracted from the patient's medical history to be sent to the relevant authorities.

Facturación Doctoris HIS


Automatic issuance of invoices by patient and clinical episode. Management of billing to medical societies.

Farmacia Doctoris HIS


Centralized administration of the medication warehouses and the consumables of the health center.

Información General Doctoris HIS

General information

Specific and schematic administration of all the services of the center, enabling the generation of statistics of each of them.

Informática Doctoris HIS


Material management from its entry into the system to its internal management (transfer, inventories, orders ...)

Laboratorio I+D Doctoris HIS

R & D Laboratory

Management, since entering the system, of laboratory materials that are not included in the billing of the episodes.

Plantas Doctoris HIS


Management by plant, section or peripheral of the center, where an individualized control is carried out for each patient.

Quirófano Doctoris HIS

Operating theater

Management of resources related to the patient in a surgical intervention. Schedule of operating rooms and staff.

Servicios Doctoris HIS


Assignment of resources per patient; structured by type of episode, service and department.

Servicios Generales Doctoris HIS

General services

Management of "generic" materials not assigned to a single department (towels, litter bins, cutlery ...). Control from your entrance to your destination in the building.

Tarifas Doctoris HIS


Pricing of services (Radiology, Laboratory ...), providing them with a dynamic and parameterized structure.

UCI Doctoris HIS


Module that allows individualized control by patient of admission to the ICU. Data discriminated by plant, section or peripheral.

Urgencias Doctoris HIS


Module for the emergency personnel to keep the information of a specific patient permanently updated.


Doctoris HIS

Hospital Information System.

Doctoris EHR

Electronic Health Record.

Doctoris Billing

Billing management.